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Espaces Mobilités and XR Intelligence decided to join forces to create Sp8ce and develop immersive simulations of public space and mobility projects for improved design and engaging stakeholders management.


Espaces-Mobilités is a Belgian consultancy specialising in urban planning and public space design with a focus on sustainable mobility solutions. Our services rangefrom mobility strategy development to the implementation of innovative projects that promote alternative transportation methods and behavioral change. 

XRintelligence is a high-performing integrator of immersive content.

By providing end to end turnkey solutions that support your business, XRintelligence enables organisations to gain a competitive advantage today and tomorrow.

Sp8ce is composed by XR specialists, public space designers and mobility experts

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Thierry is the co-founder of XR Intelligence. With a deep passion for cutting-edge innovation, he is playing  a pivotal role in shaping the XR industry in Belgium and beyond.

Thierry Jourquin

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Xavier is CEO of Espaces Mobilités. He is a pioneer in emerging technologies in the field of mobility including shared, connected and automated mobility as well as digital twins. 

Xavier Tackoen

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Jean Bastien is the cofounder of XRIntellingence. He has been developing digital environments for over two decades and is specialized in the creation of 3D and VR experiences.

Jean Bastien Voisin

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Quentin is urban planner for Espaces-Mobilités. He has developed an extraordinary capacity in 3D design, XR development and video making using the latest generation tools.

Quentin Colombier

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Rob is a 3D designer and real-time rendering softwares expert with a robust experience in transport-related projects. 

Rob Brohée

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Dario is a business developer with a great experience in the development of innovative mobility services, including autonomous vehicles.

Dario Deserranno

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Thomas has 15 years experience as a landscape architect. He designs public spaces then turned into 3D environments.

Thomas Guiot

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Elena is doing a PhD on the use of XR technologies to better assess the lighting needs of public space projects.


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