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Generic autonomous city : the era of robotaxis

Buckle up for a glimpse into the future!

Sp8ce has unveiled a groundbreaking 3D model showcasing what our cities might look like after a robotaxi revolution. This intricately animated model brings to life a cityscape teeming with self-driving vehicles, including Waymo, Cruise, and ZooX models seamlessly navigating the streets.

Sp8ce's creation isn't just a pretty picture; it's a powerful tool for urban planners and policymakers. By visualising the potential impact of robotaxis, they can anticipate and address challenges like traffic flow, parking needs, and pedestrian safety.

This immersive experience allows us to see how these autonomous vehicles will share the road with traditional cars, bikes, and pedestrians. Sp8ce's model goes beyond static images; it depicts the dynamic flow of traffic, giving us a realistic idea of how our daily commutes might change.

Sp8ce's 3D model offers a valuable platform for discussing infrastructure needs, potential benefits, and any concerns surrounding widespread robotaxi adoption.

The creation of an authentic 3D environment requires the creation of 3D assets, particularly for prospective universes specific to innovation. This video shows how a Waymo (a Google subsidiary) robotaxi was modelled. Particular attention needs to be paid to optimising objects to ensure that they can be used smoothly in rendering and VR tools.


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