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3D design of the Place Bockstael in Brussels

Imagine strolling through a redesigned public square in Brussels before it's even built! Sp8ce has made this a reality for the city of Brussels with a stunning 3D visualisation.

Espaces-Mobilités, the design firm behind the project, entrusted Sp8ce to breathe life into their vision for a Brussels public space. Using Twinmotion's powerful rendering tools, Sp8ce meticulously recreated the planned environment in 3D.

From cobblestone streets and city benches to vibrant landscaping and streetlights, every detail was meticulously captured. This digital twin allowed Brussels officials, citizens, and stakeholders to virtually explore the proposed space, experiencing its atmosphere and functionality firsthand.

Sp8ce's 3D visualisation isn't just about aesthetics; it's about empowering communities to shape their city's future. By offering a virtual window into the possibilities, Sp8ce is paving the way for more collaborative and impactful urban design in Brussels.


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