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STIB Autonomous shuttle in Virtual Reality

Sp8ce used innovative 3D design tools and virtual reality (VR) in the design and visualization of the Sam-e autonomous shuttle, tested within Woluwe Park by STIB. Sp8ce meticulously modelled every aspect of the shuttle, from exterior aesthetics to interior layout, ensuring functionality and passenger comfort.

VR technology proved invaluable, allowing STIB to step into a fully immersive simulation of the Sam-e shuttle before the project even began. This facilitated real-time interaction with the design, pinpointing potential issues and making any necessary refinements within the virtual space.

Stakeholders were able to gain a true-to-life perspective of the passenger experience, ensuring the design met real-world needs. VR also facilitated seamless collaboration with the municipalities who better understood the cohabitation of pedestrians and cyclists with new automated vehicles.


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