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Immersing citizens into the future of the Wayez street in Anderlecht

The future of Anderlecht's Wayez Street recently came into sharp focus thanks to the transformative power of Virtual Reality (VR). Sp8ce, working alongside the municipality of Anderlecht, harnessed VR technology to create immersive simulations of the proposed urban transformations.

Citizens were virtually transported into the redesigned Wayez Street, experiencing the impact of wider sidewalks and vibrant green spaces. This interactive VR experience empowered citizens to envision how these changes would reshape their daily lives. By bridging the gap between blueprints and reality, VR played a pivotal role in fostering community engagement and driving a collaborative approach to urban development within Anderlecht during the public enquiry.

The VR experience wasn't just a one-time showcase for Anderlecht's citizens. It also managed to impress the Mayor himself! The Mayor was particularly struck by the power of VR technology to bring abstract plans to life and foster public engagement. Recognizing its potential, he approached Sp8ce with a vision: empowering the Anderlecht administration to leverage these immersive technologies independently.

However, pen-and-paper sketches, physical models, and public information sessions using 2D drawings remain crucial in the initial stages. These low-tech techniques allow for quick iterations, brainstorming sessions, and easy communication of core design ideas to a wider audience.


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