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The Leon Theodor street reimagined

Sp8ce has collaborated with the Commune of Jette, STIB, and Bruxelles Mobilité to create a stunning 3D model showcasing the upcoming renovation of the tram tracks on Leon Theodor Street. This innovative model takes residents on a virtual tour of the transformed street, allowing them to visualise the project's impact on their neighborhood.

The 3D model goes beyond aesthetics; it incorporates details like greenery, improved pedestrian zones and cycling paths, allowing residents to envision a more vibrant and livable Leon Theodor Street. This collaborative effort between Sp8ce and local authorities highlights a commitment to transparent and citizen-centric urban planning.

Sp8ce didn't stop there! To foster resident engagement, immersive workshops were held where citizens could explore the 3D model firsthand. This interactive experience provided a platform for residents to ask questions, share their thoughts, and be part of shaping the future of their community.


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